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- Articles in Press from Nature, Science, Cell, etc.
Retraction: Odour receptors and neurons for DEET and new insect repellents (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Computational neuroscience: Species-specific motion detectors (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Cancer: Transmissible tumours under the sea (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Species-specific wiring for direction selectivity in the mammalian retina (Nature, 2016-06-22)
A combinatorial strategy for treating KRAS-mutant lung cancer (Nature, 2016-06-22)
A novel cereblon modulator recruits GSPT1 to the CRL4CRBN ubiquitin ligase (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Rates and mechanisms of bacterial mutagenesis from maximum-depth sequencing (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Relativistic reverberation in the accretion flow of a tidal disruption event (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Widespread transmission of independent cancer lineages within multiple bivalve species (Nature, 2016-06-22)
Mitochondrial unfolded protein response controls matrix pre-RNA processing and translation (Nature, 2016-06-22)
H4K20me0 marks post-replicative chromatin and recruits the TONSL–MMS22L DNA repair complex (Nature, 2016-06-22)
[Report] Aryl amination using ligand-free Ni(II) salts and photoredox catalysis (Science, 2016-06-23)
[Report] Structural basis for membrane anchoring of HIV-1 envelope spike (Science, 2016-06-23)
[Report] Mitochondrial endonuclease G mediates breakdown of paternal mitochondria upon fertilization (Science, 2016-06-23)
[Research Article] Microglia development follows a stepwise program to regulate brain homeostasis (Science, 2016-06-23)

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