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Protocol-Online has become the premier resource on the Web for life scientists seeking comprehensive information on laboratory protocols and methods for bioinformatics, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, proteomics, and cell biology. With 10 million hits and 4.6 million page views per month, the Protocol-Online web site is one of the most desirable marketing opportunities for companies targeting the life scientist doing bench research. Protocol-Online is comprised of two main sections: the Protocols section containing protocols collected from comprehensive online sources of researchers and research institutions, and the interactive Methods Discussion Forums. The Protocol pages provide access to protocols in a wide variety of fields such as cell biology, molecular biology, developmental biology, and immunology. The Method Discussion Forums are interactive forums for discussions on molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, microbiology, proteomics and bioinformatics. These forums are highly active and attract researchers from around the world.

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All orders for advertising are on an as available basis, and are conditioned upon the advertiser executing a detailed insertion order. Banner creative must be provided as a static GIF or JPEG file. Each piece of creative is negotiable from 120 x 4 pixels and/or 468 x 60 pixels in size. The 120 x 4 pixel creative is 1 of 3 sponsorships on the featured pages. Text ads are listed as "Related Products" on protocol pages under category that best fits your product. Creatives will be stand-alone exclusive sponsorships.


Flat fee per month based on section, graphic size, and specific page. Please use the feedback form to request for further information.

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