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Protocol Online is a database of research protocols in a variety of life science fields. It contains protocols contributed by worldwide researchers as well as links to web protocols hosted by worldwide research labs, biotech companies, personal web sites. The data is stored in a MySql relational database. Protocol Online also hosts discipline specific discussion forums (BioForum), and provides a free PubMed search and alerting service (PubAlert). This site was created in June 1999 and is maintained by Dr. Long-Cheng Li. In order to better serve the research community, any comments and suggestions that can help improve this site are welcomed.

Protocol Online in the news

Science 1999 Aug(13); 285(5430)
"Lab's little instruction book. For an exhaustive rundown on the hottest methods in molecular and cell biology, click over to Protocol Online. The site links to hundred of protocols from commercial and research labs and hosts a helpful Q&A forum."

Genetic Engineering News 2000
"If biotechnology is the aim and protocols make the game, then visitors to this site ought to be pretty 'up' on the rules. The focus at Protocol Online is molecular biological protocols, and they are very well done. Superb organization helps the user to navigate through the topic areas here, ranging from DNA and RNA protocols, to carbohydrate, protein and antibody protocols, with much matter in between. Each major heading gives rise to numerous sub-headings and the protocols appears to be state of the art. I've looked long and hard for the molecular biology protocol site of my dreams and think I've found it in Protocol Online. Strong Points: Well organized, relevance of protocols; Weak Points: None; Rating: Excellent"

BioTechniques 2004
Suppose you need to label a DNA molecule nonradioactively, what methods could you employ? Maybe you are an X-ray crystallographer who wishes to use Escherichia coli to incorporate the chemically modified amino acid seleno-methionine into a favorite protein. Is this feasible, and if so, how would you approach it? Answers to these questions and hundreds more like them await you at the Protocol-Online site, where strong hierarchical organization makes finding desired information trivial. On the opening page, click on one of the 19 main topic headings (from animal Techniques and Biochemistry to Plant biology and Research Tools) and you can "drill down" to individual methods. Better yet, pick the brain of the site's extensive database by entering a term in the search engine the then jump directly to the protocol you're after. By Kevin Ahern BioTechniques 2004; 37(2):171.

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