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Nature Genetics - Advance Online Publication (AOP)
• Author Correction: Postzygotic inactivating mutations of RHOA cause a mosaic neuroectodermal syndrome (Nature Genetics, 2019-10-14)
• Publisher Correction: Inferring whole-genome histories in large population datasets (Nature Genetics, 2019-10-07)
• Target genes, variants, tissues and transcriptional pathways influencing human serum urate levels (Nature Genetics, 2019-10-02)
• Postzygotic inactivating mutations of RHOA cause a mosaic neuroectodermal syndrome (Nature Genetics, 2019-09-30)
• The bracteatus pineapple genome and domestication of clonally propagated crops (Nature Genetics, 2019-09-30)
• Natural variation in ZmFBL41 confers banded leaf and sheath blight resistance in maize (Nature Genetics, 2019-09-30)
• Allele-specific NKX2-5 binding underlies multiple genetic associations with human electrocardiographic traits (Nature Genetics, 2019-09-30)
• NPM1 functions in epitranscriptomics (Nature Genetics, 2019-09-30)
Science - Sciencexpress
• Genetic regulatory variation in populations informs transcriptome analysis in rare disease (Science, )
• Structural basis for the docking of mTORC1 on the lysosomal surface (Science, )
• Kinship-based social inequality in Bronze Age Europe (Science, )
• Grand challenges in the science of wind energy (Science, )
• Coordination between stochastic and deterministic specification in the Drosophila visual system (Science, )
• A metagenomic strategy for harnessing the chemical repertoire of the human microbiome (Science, )
• Mineralogical control on the fate of continentally derived organic matter in the ocean (Science, )
• Synthetic dissipation and cascade fluxes in a turbulent quantum gas (Science, )
• Revolutions in agriculture chart a course for targeted breeding of old and new crops (Science, )
• Microbial metabolites control the thymic development of mucosal-associated invariant T cells (Science, )
• Single-proton spin detection by diamond magnetometry (Science, )